Advanced Analytics to Power Your Cause

Organizations are discovering the power of analytics to drive greater performance and efficiency. But doing so affordably is imperative for nonprofit organizations.

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Member Acquisition. Donor Retention. Delivering on the Mission.

We understand the realities of your business. Cost effectively acquiring new members, maintaining existing members, increasing giving, launching new initiatives, and entering new channels. It’s a balancing act and every dollar counts. That is why we pour all of our expertise into our suite of products to deliver best-in-class tools to get the results you need and a cost that you and your organization will appreciate.


Affordable marketing analytics software and data mining solutions.

Run scenarios to know exactly where to allocate scarce budget dollars.

Predictive modeling tools to meet fundraising goals faster and more efficiently.

Real-time access to meaningful data and reporting.

Communicate important data to your team, partners, and board easily and effectively.

Lityx is the ideal partner for nonprofit organizations providing robust, yet affordable optimization tools for both the non-statisticians and the more advanced users.

  • No costly programmers
  • No daunting IT investment
  • Highest quality with lowest cost

Let us prove it to you and your organization.

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You know your fundraising goals from quarter to quarter. Combine your strengths with the latest technology from Lityx to optimize your campaign dollars. Whether you leverage our managed analytics solution, employ solicitation contractors, or run your own phone banks or media campaigns, we’ll help you spend smarter to deliver the best returns.

Learn how one large nonprofit optimizes donor participation cost effectively

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