Advanced Analytics Software, Simplified

LityxIQ is a cloud-based predictive analytics solution. It integrates a set of data tools that make it easy to perform advanced analytics.

We created LityxIQ to support the analytic progression model—starting at data analysis, moving on to business intelligence (BI) insights, followed by predictive modeling, and finally optimization. With LityxIQ you can easily manage your advanced analytics in one, simple solution.

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Manage Your Data

Data Manager is used to import, clean, manage, manipulate, and blend your data. Once data is created in Data Manager, it becomes available to all other tools within LityxIQ—enabling insights through generated charts, tables, and dashboards, and the ability to further your analysis through building and scoring using predictive models.

> Learn how LityxIQ has been a game changer in the gaming industry, optimizing customer loyalty.

Access Insights

Insights in LityxIQ supports four approaches to generating business understanding:

1. Graphs contain data summarized and displayed in a bar, line, scatter, or pie charts (or combinations of these).

2. Tabular Reports contain data summarized and displayed in the form of a data table showing raw values.

3. Maps provide data summaries overlaid on up-to-date geographic maps.

4. Pivot Tables provide an interactive table to which to explore data.

> Learn how Lityx used the Insights tool to better understand All American Hearing’s prospect-base.

Tools for Modeling

Predict, our predictive modeling tool can help you increase response rates, reduce churn, and maximize your marketing budget. Input your data to build predictive models that answer complex business questions.

>Learn how Lityx used the Predict tool to identify at-risk customers early in the customer lifecycle.

Optimize Your Results

The Optimize tool goes beyond simple RFM (recency/frequency/monetary) statistics to provide you with context for your customer’s behaviors. That means you can better plan and project your budget, retain your best customers, and identify more customers like them to refine your offers.

>Learn how Lityx used the Optimize tool to generate optimal targeting decisions for marketing campaigns.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of LityxIQ. We tested and built over a dozen models in a short time and put them into production more quickly than with other available tools.”

– Tony Coretto, Co-CEO, PNT

“The dimensionality of the data drove the success of the predictive modeling, and, ultimately, the programs’ results.”

– Bryan Flynn, DiamondStream

“Moving to Lityx took an expensive, long, outsourced process and brought it in house. It’s cheaper and so far seems a whole lot better. It’s a win for the company and me personally.””

– Alexa Langford, Director of Research & Analytics, Grizzard

Who Uses LityxIQ?

LityxIQ is a powerful analytics platform, used
with many types of business data. The solution enables users to easily apply
advanced analytics approaches to dramatically improve results.


Marketers create marketing dashboards, understand customer value, improve response, or run predictive models, and optimize their budget allocation across products, channels, and customer segments.


Agencies use Lityx to support their clients’ analytic needs by easily providing management dashboards, critical customer insights, or advanced predictive models.

Product Managers & Financial Analysts

Product Managers & Financial Analysts predict future sales or revenue based on historical trends, seasonality, or other predictive factors.

HR Managers

HR managers predict employee satisfaction and determine its most important drivers.

Health Science Users

Health Science Users build predictive models of disease likelihood or geographic prevalence.

Channel Managers

Channel Managers determine the optimal budget spending across multiple channels and sub-channels based on prior performance.

LityxIQ Frequently Asked Questions

LityxIQ was developed for two types of users: non-technical users with business knowledge and technical users familiar with statistical analysis techniques. Non-technical users can achieve results by selecting business objectives such as “Build Response Model” and the intelligence built into LityxIQ will analyze the data, apply the appropriate algorithms, run models, and produce results in business language. Technical users are able to modify many factors to fine-tune the modeling process in a highly efficient manner. The result is that businesses or organizations without technical staff can leverage highly sophisticated predictive analytics without requiring a PhD in statistics, while users who have analytic expertise will be able to produce results much faster and more efficiently than with other available options.
LityxIQ is a hosted solution and does not require IT assistance for set up or maintenance. Predictive analytics training for business users is available on-site or through remote training sessions as part of implementation services.
Yes, corporate standard ETL tools can be used to prepare and organize data for analysis within LityxIQ.
Data can be imported through a file manager within the platform or from FTP and FTPS (Secure FTP) sites.
Yes. Datasets can be put on schedules to automate the data import and transformation process, or automatically refresh the data once new data is uploaded or placed on FTP.
Currently, LityxIQ works with delimited text files. Excel files and database connections will be available soon. LityxIQ Starter and Basic can handle most common data size requirements. LityxIQ Enterprise adds big data capabilities for modeling any size data with speed and efficiency.
Yes. Data and results can be exported from LityxIQ and brought into standard BI tools (any tool that can import text files) or Excel for further analysis. Charts and graphs can be exported to your desktop as image files and embedded into your own Powerpoint presentations, or exported as PDFs for emailing directly to a colleague or client.

LityxIQ is offered as a hosted solution with subscription license periods ranging from three months to multiple years. No on-premise IT implementation or support is required.
We work with clients to configure an appropriate LityxIQ instance based on your needs. Pricing is based on number of users, configuration, and solutions required. Contact Sales for a quote.
LityxIQ is hosted in highly secure SAS-70 certified data centers. Data moves into and out of the platform only through encrypted connections. Each client is provided their own private instance of the platform and data is not co-mingled (LityxIQ Starter users may in some cases use a shared secure platform).

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