Advanced Media Optimization

Mid-Market companies need to do more with less. OptyxIQ connects your internal finance and marketing departments with your deployment agency. Media optimization solutions that produce results.

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Addresses Critical Questions Like

  • How should I allocate my budget most effectively?
  • What media is delivering the best results?
  • At this point in time what are the best media I can buy
  • At what level do I need to budget to meet company goals?
  • What is my diminishing return curve?
  • How much am I losing in sales due to requirement xyz?

The OptyxIQ Process

media optimization from Lityx
media optimization from Lityx.

We can optimize your existing media or expand your media options.

media optimization from Lityx

The OptyxIQ Results

OptyxIQ has provided tremendous impact on key performance and business metrics for our clients.

media optimization from Lityx

Managed Pricing Examples

media optimization from Lityx

*The pricing listed above is to provide a good idea of what might be expected given three different situations. Actual pricing will be determined more specifically based on exact client details.

**The complexity of the optimization is determined by the size of the data to be analyzed as well as the number and type of constraints. Most mid-market businesses fall within Standard or Moderate while most enterprise businesses fall into Complex.

Put predictive analytics to work in your business to achieve improved marketing results.

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