Managed Analytics

Data Analytics Consulting

Leveraging analytics can be challenging for many companies. We realize this and provide consulting, augmented with our solutions, to drive quick returns on investment.

Let Lityx be your professional data analytics consultant.

  • Thought leaders with deep analytic expertise
  • Practical solutions that deliver big returns
  • Understand both analytics and business

  • Experienced across industries and solutions.
  • Advanced degrees in Statistics.
  • Fast, reliable and professional.

While our products are designed to be easy to use many of our clients draw upon our specific knowledge of the solutions to get them up and running.

  • Managed Analytics

    Retainer of agreed upon fixed tasks. Most cost effective over a longer period utilizing the same team.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Useful for short term ad-hoc needs to quickly accomplish specific goals.

Lytics Consulting Roles

Data analytics consulting from Lityx

Put predictive analytics to work in your business to achieve improved marketing results.

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