Customer Insight Analysis – Reports and Dashboards Based on Your CRM Data

Inside the suite of tools that comprise LityxIQ sits Insight IQ. It represents your data in graphic form to help you visualize where the gaps exist – or where the biggest tradeoffs are in terms of channel or offers.

Of course, it also gives you a great looking report for your next meeting.

Our business intelligence dashboard provides dynamic feedback on your KPI’s with detailed views of your data.

With these marketing data analytics you’ll develop insights about your customers and products using business-user-friendly interfaces without needing to write a line of code.

    • Monitor campaign performance
    • Create interactive charts and graphs
    • Permission protected…you control who has access to what
    • Create and edit real-time customizable dashboards
  • how-to

    Insight Tutorials

Some examples of Insight reports
  • A Menu of Dashboards
  • Geo Spatial Analysis
  • Variety of Charting Options