Customer Lifecycle Management

Highly Targeted, Highly Optimized

  • Marketers are constantly seeking ways to efficiently grow their customer base and retain existing customers through direct targeting methods. Predictive models are the starting point, but optimizing marketing efforts also requires making tradeoffs to ensure each incremental dollar is spent as efficiently as possible.

    Our customer lifecycle management solutions leverage the following approaches:

    • Customer behavior models. Models that predict response, churn, or other customer behaviors can be built efficiently and accurately using LityxIQ.
    • Customer value models. Not all customer are of equal value, neither in the short or long term. The ability to predict lifetime value, and the marketing path to maximize it for each customer, is an important aspect of customer optimization.
    • List rental and data overlays. Whether for direct mail, email, shared mail, or other channels, we can provide targeted lists or media as the starting point for optimizing selections. We can also overlay hundreds of data elements to ensure as much information as possible is utilized in models or optimization decisions.
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