Automated Analytics Processes

Efficiency in Advanced Analytics

  • It is not enough anymore to provide one-off analytic models or solutions. Analytic efficiency and automated analytics processes need to extend from the initial stages of analytic projects all the way through implementation and ongoing processing. Our tools lend themselves perfectly to providing this full-lifecycle efficiency, and our OptyxIQ product is a great example of automation across the analytic lifecycle.

    An automated analytic process often includes many or all of the following. Each is easily automated by LityxIQ.

    • Automated data retrieval. Fresh prospect, customer, CRM, and transactional data is required to ensure models and analytic outputs are up-to-date. LityxIQ connects to secure data sources and automatically retrieves fresh information when it is available.
    • Automated data management. Once fresh data is retrieved, many data management steps become necessary, including data cleaning, merging, filter, aggregation, and transformations. If this had to be done manually, all efficiencies would be lost. LityxIQ automatically sets off all required data management processes once fresh data is retrieved.
    • Automated model scoring. Once data is available and processed, LityxIQ can be setup to automatically create fresh model scores (such as response, churn, or value) for all prospects and customers. No manual intervention, coding, or button-pushing is required.
    • Automated optimization and media planning. If an optimal direct mail list, budget allocation, or media plan, are key analytic deliverables, these can be automated as well. Model scores and other optimization inputs such as costs and constraints can be automatically imported into the optimization process, then executed and exported. The plan can then be automatically pushed out to the client or their agency.
    • Automated insights and reports. A closed-loop marketing process includes the ability to see fresh performance reports and new insights. LityxIQ can be setup to automatically update all performance reporting, dashboards, and other business intelligence outputs. If you have existing BI tools in place, data exports can be automated and then ingested into existing products.
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