Marketing efficiency, Speed to market, Improved decision making – Over 90% improvement in acquisition rates and reduced cost per acquisition | In-market model lift is over 5x from top to bottom zip code deciles | Complex modeling and optimization processes automated and integrated.

Improve time to market, Reduce modeling costs – 90% savings in development costs for series of 25 predictive models | Improved model lift using PredictIQ in less than 10% of the time | Projected incremental 76,000 responses and $1.72 million customer value.

Improve acquisition rates, Predict potential player value, Optimize offers made – Improved accuracy of predictions of future prospect value by 43% | Increased prospect campaign response rates by over 20% | Estimated 300% or more improvement to profitability from offer optimization.

40+ algorithms and technical settings compared in bake-off with no programming | Modeling completed in small fraction of the time compared to previous attempts | Ability to automatically deploy models to incoming sensor big data streams.

Incremental annualized revenue over $4MM from direct mail channel | Over 50% reduction in cost per opportunity in the channel | Achieved over 18x ROI on the analytics investment in LityxIQ.

Easy capability to build modeling dataset for any historic point-in-time | Churn models with 330% lift in identifying at-risk customers | 265% lift in predicting re-purchase behavior following first visit.

Fast build and deployment of over a dozen predictive models by non-statisticians, Easy to use for business users and not require statistical programming, Powerful accurate models – 116% increase in click-thru-rate and 57% increase in click-to-lead rate | Weekly database scoring of over 5 million records to support email campaigns.

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Sponsored and articles contributed by Lityx – The evolution of big data analytics has seen data volumes explode, data insight reach beyond IT and directly to the business user, and a growing interest in using data less for analyzing the past and more for looking into the future.

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  • Enhance the customer experience
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  • Drive retail success
  • Deliver the right messages to the right people
  • Optimize systems operations

It’s No Longer Cost Prohibitive To Use Advanced Tools to Make Better Decisions.

Just as an ensemble is a collection of parts that contribute to a single effect, ensemble modeling is multiple models used together to outperform any single one of the contributing models.

This article draws attention to the power of combining advanced analytic techniques such as Predictive Analytics and Marketing Optimization with Big Data. For the IT practitioner, the key thing to remember is that computational resources can be saved or re-allocated by keeping in mind a few key concepts such as sampling and data reduction techniques.

Sponsored by Lityx – Predictive Analytics in the Cloud is a fast growing market with products that deliver significant impact for companies in every industry by improving customer results and leveraging Big Data.

A white paper by the Customer Manufacturing Group adapting content provided by Lityx. Learn how it is no longer cost prohibitive to use advanced tools to make better decisions.