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    • We maximize media budgets, big or small, ensuring that the return will greatly exceed the cost of our services.
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    • We have developed simple solutions that provide sophisticated results.
    • We have learned from the success of the biggest companies and now drive those learnings into the Mid-Market.
    • We have a seasoned consulting and training team to transfer our knowledge to your team.
    • We turn small investments into large returns.

Lityx News

The latest set of enhancements to LityxIQ have been released. LityxIQ 3.0 includes the following new functionality and enhancements:

  • Introduction of Aggregation Fields in the New Fields dialog. This provides a powerful capability to use window aggregation functions when working with data.
  • Introduction of Shared Insights. This will allow sharing of any insight or dashboard to anyone else using their email address. This makes it easy for others to view charts, tables, and dashboards simply by clicking a link in their email.
  • A new Insight type called Report. This creates an insight that allows browsing of an un-aggregated dataset, with ability to group by defined dimensions, and also the ability to create cell coloring of any metrics being shown based on their value. This is a beta capability with future enhancements to come.
  • Ability to receive real-time notifications on-screen when jobs complete (in addition to the existing console which provides detail job logs).
  • Additional interface and backend enhancements.



LIVONIA, Mich. and WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 1, 2016: Valassis, a leader in intelligent media delivery, and Lityx, a leader in the automation of advanced analytics, announced today that they are working together to provide marketers a seamless way to deliver automated cross-channel optimization.

The joint analytical power of Valassis and Lityx provides advertisers with campaign optimization support for their marketing programs across a broad portfolio of print and digital solutions. Connecting Valassis’ offline and online data with Lityx’ predictive analytics platform gives advertisers the ability to effectively improve future performance and product integration while enhancing consumer engagement.

“Utilizing Valassis’ breadth of media solutions, we can now deliver our clients integrated marketing campaigns while Valassis can provide its clients a next generation optimization solution,” said Paul Maiste, Lityx CEO.

“Lityx’s predictive modeling further enhances our robust targeting and analytics platform while expanding the reach of our products in verticals such as health care, hospitality, gaming and entertainment,” said Greg Green, Valassis chief data and analytics officer.

Together, Valassis and Lityx enhance marketer confidence through a full-suite of planning, delivery and measurement tools to support campaign optimization by combining Lityx’s proprietary cloud-hosted platform with Valassis’ intelligent media solutions.

About Valassis
Valassis is a leader in intelligent media delivery, providing over 58,000 clients with innovative media solutions to influence consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and share. By integrating online and offline data combined with powerful insights, Valassis precisely targets its clients’ most valuable shoppers, offering unparalleled reach and scale. NCH Marketing Services, Inc. and Clipper Magazine are Valassis subsidiaries, and RedPlum® is its consumer brand. Its signature Have You Seen Me?® program delivers hope to missing children and their families. Valassis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings.

About Lityx
Lityx is a leader in advanced analytics solutions including predictive modeling and marketing optimization assisting clients to achieve the best possible results. LitxyIQ, a cloud-hosted analytics platform developed by Lityx, is used by both data scientists and business users to perform complex tasks easily, such as data blending, business intelligence, predictive modeling, and optimization. Lityx clients across multiple industries have achieved a strong ROI through improved targeting and optimizing spend of their marketing budget.

Media Contact
Mary Broaddus

The latest set of enhancements to LityxIQ have been released. LityxIQ 2.6.0 includes the following new functionality and enhancements:

  • Ability to connect to data sources on SFTP, Amazon S3, or the web.
  • Import and export data within compressed files (zip, gz, bzip supported).
  • Live file preview for raw data sources.
  • Improved File Manager functionality.
  • Ability to delete entire dataset libraries, with appropriate permissions.
  • Latest security enhancement for passwords.
  • Many backend updates for improved speed and scalability.
We have released a new product called OptyxIQ, designed to automate and simplify the lengthy and complicated process of media optimization. All firms that conduct marketing have to make choices on where to spend their marketing budget. The number of marketing options available has increased dramatically making the ability to make the best combination of choices more difficult at best and often not possible without the use of complex computer programming. Based on the LityxIQ advanced analytic platform, OptyxIQ is a set of automated and streamlined steps from data management to predictive modeling and then constrained optimization to produce a detailed optimized marketing plan.
The latest set of enhancements to LityxIQ have been released. These include additional capabilities for filtering data upon import, powerful functionality for creating many fields at once based on a template field definition, and ability to create many aggregations all at once. Check out our support page article for more information.
We have sponsored an e-book in collaboration with Data Informed. It contains a series of articles on the evolution of big data analytics, creating data insights reaching beyond IT, and the growing interest in using data less for analyzing the past and more for looking into the future. You can find it on our resources page, or download it here.