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“It was an extraordinary outcome for us. Better still is our continued improvement, especially in our primary objective of new member acquisition.”

– Channel Director, National Non-Profit Organization

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of LityxIQ. We tested and built over a dozen models in short time and put them into production more quickly than with other available tools.”

– Tony Coretto, Co-CEO, PNT

“In the first two months of program implementation, we have seen our highest ever call volumes coming from direct mail, and a significant decrease in cost per opportunity.”

– Eric Feld, CFO, All American Hearing


Our Solutions

Customer Lifecycle Management

Our customer lifecycle management solutions leverage customer behavior models, customer value models, as well as list rental and data overlays. Learn More.

Health & Pharma Analytics

Hospitals, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical reps, and scientists alike can leverage the power of modeling and advanced analytics to optimize their decisions and improve the lives of patients. Learn More.

Marketing Optimization

Finding your targets and provide the most enticing message to each with our tools that optimize customer communications, channels and budget decisions. Learn More.

Automated Analytic Processes

Our tools lend themselves perfectly to providing this full-lifecycle efficiency, and our OptyxIQ product is a great example of automation across the analytic lifecycle. Learn More.



Download PSI Templates

Save Time, Simplify & Discover Insights Quickly

Download Templates

Access an Excel and Tableau template that illustrates how to perform PSI scoring with sample data.


Marketing Analytics Learning Center

Get connected and learn.

Get Connected & Learn

Discover our favorite resources on how to use analytics to empower marketing decisions.

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Ensemble Modeling Guide

Get More Out Of Your Predictive Modeling

Download the Article

Understand how to use multiple models to outperform any single one of the contributing models.


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